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World Book Day…a day that fills parents with a sense of dread (unless you are really crafty or have Amazon Prime)

World book day

I feel have copped out today sending Ivy as Matilda however here is my argument for the above lame costume) a) she actually does love the film and the book,  b) I am reading it to her at the moment and c) we dance around the kitchen most nights to the song from the film where she is practicing her powers.

Panic and dread about World Book Day aside I do love a good book.

When we read we can escape from the reality and stress of life and jump into an alternate world. It sparks your imagination, it expands vocabulary, enhances empathy and improves sleep.

Reading helps sharpen the part of the brain responsible for concentration so that our focus is improved in other aspects of life too.

I love to get lost inside a great thriller with a good twist, I find this the ultimate escapism.  I think I got my love of reading from my mom. She always had a book on the go when I was little and she still does now, I often borrow them when she is finished. (now you can’t do that with a Kindle)  

I do have a kindle but I save it for my study books and have gone back to good old fashioned paper for bedtime reading. I like to limit screen time before bed.

Here are just a few I’ve read and really recommend.

  • Three Women by Lisa Taddeo. This one is so good! 
  • Down to the Woods MJ Aldridge 
  • Happy Fearne Cotton
  • Everest by Ben Fogle (autobiography)

What do you love to read and any good recommendations please post in comments.

Enjoy normal school uniform Friday…..and BREATHE 

Claire x

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One Response

  1. Like you, I love a book that I can hold. The weight of the actual paper and physically turning the pages is just bliss, especially snuggled up in bed whatever the time.

    I’ve read so many books that I can’t name the top ones as they’ve all been good in their own different ways but a book that I devoured in 3 days (in between patients too) was by Stuart Turton, called The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle. It’s a mix between Groundhog Day and Cluedo, totally fictitious but so hard to forget.

    Happy reading, see you soon xx

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