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Reflecting on Elevate Winter 2019

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As my Elevate program draws to a close tomorrow my group are reflecting on their journey

One of my lovely ladies who has been with me since September last year has even got this brilliant tattoo. I LOVE it. Here is what she says…..

Elevate Programme Winter 2019So this is going to be my signing off post I want to thank every single one of you for all your inspirational posts, food ideas, quotes everything! I have thoroughly enjoyed this elevate programme and it is not an exaggeration when I say this has well and truly changed my life. Its more than weight loss it is a mindset change and gives you a totally different outlook on your health and lifestyle. Pretty much done the spring sprinter independently and pleased to say I have still had amazing results whilst going through a difficult time personally which for me gives me so much hope as now in know no matter what life throws at me I can still make my health my priority. I have recorded all my stats below and this weekend just gone I got an important tattoo which says it all really! We can do this!!

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