Fitness Pilates HIIT Online Master Class


Join me this Spring Bank Holiday for a HIIT Style Fitness Pilates Class.

A 60 minute class via Zoom giving you a fab low impact Pilates style workout with a twist.

Build strength, stamina and muscle tone without putting strain on your joints

9.30am Monday 25th May




Fitness Pilates HIIT will work your whole body but in a low impact way so as not to put unnecessary pressure on your joints.  Great for all levels as I will give options for all the exercises.

In this special fun class we will do 1 minute of each exercise with 30 seconds of rest so you will not only work your whole body but get your heart rate up as well.

You will need to have Zoom on your IPAD or laptop.  It is your choice whether you have your video on or off.

It would be great to see you live at class but if you can’t make the time and date you will still get the recording but please email me to receive it.

See you Monday



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