Empower Mind and Body- Hypnotherapy Weight Management and Wellness Package

£499.00 £397.00

This Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss package includes

6 online 1-1 Hypnotherapy sessions (via zoom) these sessions are completely unique and tailored towards you to help you with your personal goals (worth £390) these sessions are spread out over 3 months starting with 1 per week for the first 4 weeks with the last 2 at 1 per month.

3 completely unique, personalised recordings for you to listen to at home (worth £30)

The 4 week online Fitness and Wellness Empower program with 28 different home workouts and 4 educational videos on Wellness with tasks for you to work on for each week such as Stress and Sleep. (worth £57)

All of this normally would come to £477 in total but this special package is available to you NOW saving you £80

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We all know what to eat and what not to eat. We all know we need to exercise more.  So why do we find it so hard to get rid of the weight that we don’t want?

There are so many emotions attached to food, boredom and stress being common triggers for overeating and so many of our eating habits have been with us for so long and are firmly stored in our subconscious so it is really difficult to make the changes that we need long term

Yes you could go on a diet for 4 weeks and lose weight but it WILL find you again and then some!

Work with me and I can help you make changes for life, we will address your negative eating habits, improve your self esteem and body confidence.  I can help you to change your relationship with food and exercise.

My Empower Mind and Body Package includes 6 x 60 minute 1-1 Hypnotherapy Sessions (online) where we will look at your goal, look at your relationship with food and exercise, explore your current habits and thought patterns that could be holding you back.  Together we will set out a plan of action to help you achieve your goal. These sessions will be weekly to start with and then a review week on week 4 and the last 2 sessions will be more spaced out to give you longer to really implement these changes.

PLUS you will receive access to my 4 week Online Empower Enrichment Program so that you can REALLY enhance your therapy.  Each week a different topic for you to work through.

Week 1 Goal Setting, Week 2 Stress, Week 3 Sleep and Week 4 Gut Health.  You will have over 20 different workouts to chose from that can help you on your way to a healthier, more energised and fitter YOU!

So what will happen in the sessions?

Hypnotherapy is an focused state of awareness where your subconscious is more open to suggestions that will move you towards your goals. You are totally awake and still in control.

The 1-1 work is all done via zoom and each week we will talk about the previous week, any challenges that you have faced and how you are feeling. Then I will use the skills and techniques that I have learnt to guide you into a lovely relaxed state where you will feel so comfortable and happy and I will make suggestions based on what we have discussed.

So the question I have for you is

” How much do you want to make a change?”


After booking you will receive a code to set up an account for my online Empower Program (please note there is no live facebook component to this course)

I will then contact you to arrange our session times and send you all the paper work.

I can’t wait to work with you



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