Empower Calm


Hypnotherapy treatment for stress is concerned with managing existing stress and preventing the stress reaction in the future.

Treatment focuses on teaching you to recognise what your stress triggers are and then either eliminate the stressors, or alter your response to them.

A great benefit of hypnosis is it’s intrinsically relaxing nature, as relaxation and stress can’t be experienced simultaneously.




This 4 session package includes

An Initial assessment and stress diary to identify your stress triggers
 Ego-strengthening
 Relaxation and release techniques
 Teaching self-hypnosis
 Anchoring relaxation/happiness/confidence
 Direct suggestions for dealing with triggers, thinking differently and positive thinking
 Practical tips and exercises

Harness your ability to deal with Stress in a more productive way with this 4 week Empower – Calm Package which includes

4 x 1-1 Hypnotherapy Sessions which are completely tailored towards you and your needs worth (£300)

2 x personalised recordings for you listen to at home (worth £10)

2 x Fitness Pilates for Stress Home workouts and 2 x Fitness Yoga for Stress Home workouts  (worth £20)


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