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Empower – “to give someone more control over their life or power to do something”

Empower is my BRAND NEW 13 week Weight loss and Wellness Program starting on 2nd September- 30 November.  It is NOT a quick fix or a short term solution  it is a lifestyle change.  Empowering you with the knowledge and confidence to choose foods that make you feel healthier and lose weight.  Working on daily habits to increase your fitness levels, improve your productivity and concentration and to really help you make changes for life!

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Learn the principles for eating for weight loss, health and wellness while still enjoying a social life, going out and eating in restaurants but not feeling hunger, guilt or shame around foods.  My clients have told me that taking part in my programmes has totally changed the way they behave around food.  They feel more confident, more in control and happier.  Plus the weight loss and inch loss results have been fantastic too.

In order for any habit change to be effective you need to truly believe that you can do it.  Being part of the Empower programme REALLY gives you that belief!  As you get to know the other like minded individuals in the group who support you and empower you, seeing those people achieving their goals makes you think YES I CAN DO IT TOO!

Over the 13 week program you will receive daily live coaching from me (Monday – Friday) helping you to understand WHY you behave the way you do around food, giving you daily motivation and guidance to stay on track without judgement or guilt and working on your daily habits that will take you step by step closer to your goals. We will look at different ways of eating and finding a way that works for you and makes you THRIVE

You will receive daily short workouts to do at home, increasing your fitness levels and changing your body shape. I give options and alternatives for all levels from beginners to advanced and I have so many different videos now that there is something for everyone.

There are tons of delicious easy recipes and meal ideas shared in the group so you will never get bored.

I can’t wait to work with you and get to know you as you embark on your wellness journey

4 reviews for Empower Autumn Online Programme

  1. Sukhy

    This programme had transformed my body and my mindset. I’ve never been happier! Claire is a consummate professional, she coaches, gives great workout videos and fabulous nutritional advice. She’s lovely with it. Highly recommend this sociable, effective and practical programme

  2. Suzannah Farnan

    I’d been part of Claire’s fitness Pilates group a good few years ago, and had missed her group when it had moved location. When I found Claire on Facebook and then that she was doing an online group there was no doubt about it that I had to join.

    I’ve been doing the online group since November 2018 and i have to say, it has been one of the most positive changes to my exercise habits that I’ve ever done. I’d told Claire that the reason I wanted to join was more to get back into exercise again rather than a specific weight loss journey and this programme did not disappoint. Not only did I get the daily exercise videos from someone who really knows her stuff, but I also got daily coaching and ideas for recipes.

    The coaching really surprised me as there were days where for whatever reason I was not exercising but the reminders to be kind to myself, to write down my non-negotiable goals and just to check in, really was a motivating factor for me to do more exercise than I probably ever have done. What is more, there’s a group of like-minded people who are together with you supporting you through the programme.

    I’ve loved that I’ve found Claire again and that her online course is more than exercise. If you are looking for a positive way to improve your lifestyle, then this is the group for you.

  3. Heidi Nicholls

    Claire is an inspiration and assists in achieving goals both physically and mentally. A new healthier way of life all round. Support also from other members with a great deal of info, recipes, motivation and similar struggles. Life changing xxxx

  4. Kerry

    Claire’s programmes have actually changed my life. As an anxious and sometimes stressy mom of young children I have fought with myself these last few years to stop eating junk and be a happier calmer person. I now feel so content and happy with myself for the first time maybe ever and strongly believe this is in the main down to my life changes Claire has taught me. I now exercise most days and enjoy it and my diet has completely changed for the better, I now choose to explore wonderful colourful foods over junk. Obviously I treat myself still but Claire’s programmes and coaching have taught me to be happy with these choices and that it’s all about balance.

    Really cannot recommenced this programme highly enough. My advice now would be don’t just think about it 5,4,3,2,1 just do it!!

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