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Elevate Programm with Claire Cross Fitness and Well-being



Brand New 12 week Empower Program – Stronger You

Starts Monday 28th September


This year has been a strange one for us all and perhaps during lock down and over the summer you have lost your mojo. 

Well I would LOVE to help you get it back!

This Empower program is all about Strength!

I want to Empower you to achieve, not just a stronger, fitter, healthier body but a stronger positive healthier mindset too.

That’s why my Empower Programs are so different.  Its not about scales, meal plans and deprivation. It’s about fun, friendship and personal growth.  Its about learning to love your body and choosing to nourish it with delicious healthy foods. Its about exercising to improve your mental cognition, self confidence and BEING THE BEST YOU CAN BE

You will learn the principles of eating for weight loss, health and wellness but you will still be able to enjoy a social life, going out (where the pandemic allows), eating in restaurants and not feeling deprived, hungry or shame around food.

There are no good or bad foods! I repeat there are no GOOD or BAD foods.

Empower is about support, community. accountability education and motivation.

“When you know better you do better” Maya Angelou 

I have been running my online programs since 2018 and all my clients agree that it has totally changed the way they think about dieting.  In fact, it isn’t a diet, It is a way of life!  The weight loss results HAVE been amazing but it is SO much more than that.  My client’s have improved their self-confidence, self-belief AND become more productive. 

I have clients that have started their own business, got a new job, went back to study to have a complete career change all since taking part in the Empower Programmes.

When you start to make changes it is a snowball effect!

Mindset is the fundamental rock that we need to get in place.  However the importance of good sleep hygiene and stress management cannot be underestimated but as well as working on this I teach you how to eat healthily and lose weight in the week, work on your daily habits and non-negotiables.  This gives you the ‘wiggle room’ at the weekend to enjoy additional food and drink without sabotaging your efforts, your progress, health or goals.

What Makes Empower Unique And Why Does It Work So Well?


Online weightloss and wellness coaching

with a difference!

What is the Empower Programme?

It is not a diet, its a lifestyle change 

We work together to address habits and behaviours around food.  We look at stress, sleep and mindset.  I want to help, guide and support you in becoming the best possible version of yourself.  

You will be trying a variety of nutritional protocols depending on your goals and working out which one suits you personally.

  • Ketogenic Style
  • Carb cycling
  • Time Restricted Eating
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Plant Based Eating
  • Intuitive Eating 

Every week will begin with:

  • Weight, measure and stats.
  • Goal setting and expectations for the week.
  • Setting health and wellbeing goals and understanding how to use the power of positive thinking to acheive your goals
  • Real-world weight loss goals and obtainable results.
  • Plan for the week.
  • Workout scheduling.
  • Your weekly social overview – Have you got social functions that week that we can factor in and help you with so you don’t sabotage your results?

The 12 Week Empower Stronger Programme Coaching Timetable

Love your Gut

The first month of the programme we will focus on Gut Health.  This is such a hot topic at the moment with 2 in 10 people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome in the UK.  Lifestyle plays a major part in Gut Health so I want to help you to look after your gut and I believe that this is an awesome point to start your journey.  Lets get the basics right!  

“All diseases begin in the gut” Hippocrates

Stress and Hormones

This part of the programme will focus on building your stress resiliance through exercise, guided meditations and lots more.  Stress is a major player when it comes to hormones, weight gain and of course our mental health so it CAN not be overlooked.   

Habit Change and Maintenance

The focus here is to really focus on making our changes long term.  Motivation and will power will only get you so far.  So it is important to make our changes become a habit for long term success.

Start your

Empower Journey


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Photos from the

Empower Programme

Elevate Programme before and after
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Elevate Programme before and after images
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