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Enrichment “The action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something”

Enrich your Health and Well-being with this 4 week Empower Course

This 4 week Weight loss and Wellness Course will empower you to make long term changes to your health and well-being. By implementing small changes to your lifestyle with the support and coaching from me YOU can achieve whatever goal you desire!

Each week covers a new topic on Well-being.

  • Week 1 is Goal Setting – learn how to set manageable goals that you can achieve
  • Week 2 is Stress – take steps to understand your stress response and how to manage it to improve your well-being
  • Week 3 is Sleep – understand the importance of good quality and quantity sleep and how it affects your health
  • Week 4 is Gut Health – understand the importance of good gut health and the affect it has, on not just your physical health but also your mental health

Each week you will have 7 short daily workouts as well as a weekly warm up and cool down.

“What you believe you can achieve”

You’ve got this