So tomorrow the schools shut, today the shelves are empty and everything is so uncertain and up in the air.  It’s the only conversation on everyone’s lips.  It seems there is no escape from the news! I must admit that I did slightly stick my head in the sand when this […]

World Mental Health Day 2019

Hi.  How are YOU today? Standard answer to this is Fine thanks.  Because its easier than saying actually I’m not too great today and I could really use someone to talk to. Whether this stock answer is because of embarrassment, fear of judgment, or the typical British Stiff Upper Lip, we all need to be […]

World Heart Day Sunday 28th September

    Did you know that it is World Heart Day on Sunday 29th September ? So if it’s OK with you I wanted to share my story about why this is important to me.   Some of you may already know that my lovely dad died 4 years ago next month of a sudden, completely  unexpected […]

The Power of Empower

        A year ago when I first started running my online weight loss and wellness programs I had no clue of the power of the community that would be built around it.   Last year’s Elevate program was huge, it had a massive impact on my clients and such a profound impact […]