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I approach health and fitness from a holistic point of view. It’s not just about your diet and exercise. We need to sleep better, manage our stress and anxiety and make small gradual changes so that each day we become a better more healthier and happier version of ourselves 

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I have a focus on maintaining a holistic approach; including exercise, nutrition, breathing, and mindfulness into every programme available. All pilates classes maintain this approach with a strong focus on being aware of ones body throughout your class.

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Empower is my live online weightloss and wellness coaching program.  I started my coaching programmes in 2018 and have had amazing success, changing the lives of my clients.  They have lost weight and inches but more than that they have grown in confidence.  They have increased their energy and found support and friendship that helps keeps them on track and stay motivated.

Our Fit

Our bodies are all as unique as our personalities. There is no one size fits all in diet and exercise prescription. What works for one person may not work at all for someone else so we need to learn about ourselves and listen to our bodies.

Our health and fitness journey has no final destination it is a constant work in progress where we focus on daily healthy habits which make us feel better and healthier. 

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Fitness Pilates is a low impact functional exercise class to help stretch and strengthen your muscles. Every day life can sometimes cause Postural imbalances and it is important to address this as if not this can lead to injury. Find out more about my Fitness Pilates Classes and Courses 

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